Gregg Marcus

Insurance and commercial lending professional, philanthropist and humanitarian.
Gregg Marcus


With extensive experience in the insurance industry, Gregg Marcus is well-equipped to offer quality expertise on multiple insurance policies. This includes property, personal, casualty, business, and more. 

Commercial Lending

Gregg Marcus has used his know-how on commercial lending and insurance to help numerous clients acquire their goals.  


Gregg Marcus is dedicated to his humanitarian ventures, and has been lauded for his charitable contributions. He was given the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Humanitarian Award in 2002. 


Who is Gregg Marcus?

Gregg S. Marcus is a commercial lending and insurance professional who is based in New York, and is very involved in his work as a philanthropist and humanitarian as well. He serves as a source of guidance and assistance to his clients in matters of insurance and commercial lending. His clients are located both nationally and internationally. With his experience in the field, Marcus is quite the reliable asset to his clients.

While Marcus has certainly made a name for himself in the insurance and commercial lending industry, his passion for philanthropy is something that developed at quite a young age. Throughout his years growing up, Marcus was invested in the idea of giving back to society in some way.

Now, he puts considerable time, effort, and money into his work with a number of charitable organizations. These organizations include the likes of the Long Island Children’s Museum, Hineni Heritage Center, and the Sunrise Day Camp for Children. He is also amongst the founding members of the Jericho Jayhawks Boosters Association which is located in Long Island, NY.

If you’re looking for some form of commercial lending and insurance assistance or services, Gregg Marcus can help you out!

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